alcohol free
gourmet grape infused water

O.VINE is made from pure spring water and contains the natural ingredients of wine, including its rich aroma and famous benefits, with out the alcohol.

O.VINE presents a new standard of sustainability through unique reuse of wine grape skin and seeds from the winemaking process, all from certified sustainable vineyards.

our story

O.VINE water sparks the memory of wine. the memory of having a pleasant evening with a glass of cabernet or merlot, on the terrace overlooking the galilee mountains. the evening breeze brushing against your face. the memory of the smell, the rich aroma, the taste. it’s evident this will be a moment to remember.

magical wine memories like these stay with us. you relive them. it’s not always possible to get back to that same glass of wine in the same settings. but you can always have a sip of those memories.

O.VINE contains all the natural ingredients of wine along with its rich aroma. this goes hand in hand with the well known health benefits and antioxidants of the real thing, all without a single trace of alcohol. using a rare cycle of grape skin and seeds from the winemaking process, o.vine presents a new standard of sustainability and innovation. the steeping process allows us to utilize the health and flavor advantages to their utmost potential.

O.VINE gourmet wine water is available either still or bubbly, and is based on a red (cabernet, merlot, syrah and petit verdot) or white (riesling and gewürztraminer) varieties. whether you need a quick and refreshing break on a busy day or delighting in a moment of leisure and relaxation. a sip of o.vine will immediately connect you with the richness and the fresh, fruity flavor of wine, health benefits included.


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