Award winning wines and a passionate commitment to sustainability come together at Galil Mountain Winery. Located in Upper Galilee, Galil Mountain Winery revitalizes a rich regional winemaking history that dates back more than 2,000 years. It encompasses five vineyards responsible for an internationally acclaimed array of fine wines.

The winery’s commitment to sustainability begins with deep respect for the land itself, including careful stewardship of acreage certified sustainable. Additional sustainability initiatives include a solar-powered electricity generating system on the winery’s rooftop, innovative irrigation methods and meteorological monitoring that significantly reduce water use, complete product traceability – and now the upcycling of wine grape skins and seeds previously designated “winemaking waste” to create O.Vine Wine Essence Water!

We invite you to explore the Galil Mountain Winery website, and to consider a visit to the Winery.