“O.Vine is the story of a place: the soil, the vineyards, the wine – and an innovative and surprising concept. We’re obliged to commit the very best of humankind’s expertise and innovation to the stewardship of our wine growing region. By supporting nature and one another we will keep the region healthy for generations to come.”

Anat Levi, CEO, Wine Water Ltd.

Sustainable values, respect and love for people and the land. That is the O.Vine vision. While the creation and development of O.Vine and enlightened stewardship of our vineyards requires flexibility and reinvention, our vision is the constant that guides us. The outcome is O.Vine, award winning essence waters that provide a hint of the taste and aroma of the finest wines – without the alcohol.

When you choose O.Vine Wine Essence Water you share in our vision and join a growing number of consumers who make sustainability an important part of their lives.