During the fine winemaking process approximately 25-percent of the wine grapes used, mostly skins and seeds, becomes “waste.”

Not anymore. O.Vine CEO Anat Levi and her team at Galil Mountain Winery collaborated with Practical Innovation, a leading Israeli product development company, to create a patent pending upcycling process that captures the taste, aroma, color and antioxidants hidden inside used wine grape skins and seeds. The result is alcohol free O.Vine, a deliciously refreshing wine grape infused water unlike any other beverage on the market.

O.Vine Wine Essence Water and its innovative upcycling process embody a commitment to sustainability unique in the industry. The O.Vine product line is the result of careful development and testing of numerous skin and seed blends as well as process temperatures and times – all with the objective of transforming wine waste into a uniquely new and refreshing beverage.

Available in in Red and White, Still and Gently Sparkling, O.Vine was introduced in 2018 and won Best New Water Concept at the prestigious Global Bottled Water Awards in Evian, France. We hope sustainability and delicious taste are as important to you as they are to us, and that you’ll make O.Vine a refreshing part of your healthy lifestyle.