“How can we turn winemaking waste into gold?”

That was the question Anat Levi, CEO of Israel’s Golan Heights Winery, among Israel’s largest wineries, and Galil Mountain Winery asked herself in 2016. A 20-year wine industry veteran, Anat and her staff were keenly aware that during the fine winemaking process approximately 25-percent of the wine grapes used, mostly skins and seeds, becomes waste.

Anat and her team sought a better way. They knew that used wine grape seeds and skins retain significant portions of their taste, aroma and color, and also contain antioxidants. How to capture and transform them into a product of value – into “gold” – was the challenge at hand. While Anat had led successful sustainability initiatives at both Golan Heights and Galil Mountain wineries, finding a productive use for wine grape skin and seed waste was a particularly complex problem.

For help with solutions, Anat and her staff collaborated with Practical Innovation, a leading Israeli product development company. After exhaustive testing entailing development of numerous skin and seed blends as well as process temperatures and times, the team crystallized a patent pending upcycling process that delivers a deliciously refreshing, alcohol free water with the essence of fine wine.

O.Vine was introduced at the 2018 Summer Fancy Food Show, an international food and beverage tradeshow in New York City. It was immediately featured in major media, including ABC Good Morning America. O.Vine went on to win Best New Water Concept at the prestigious 2018 Global Bottled Water Awards in Evian, France. Winemaking waste had become gold.

Anat Levi and the O.Vine Team:
Yossi Sefi, Operations Manager; Annat Turgeman, CEO Assistant & Office Manager; Anat Levi, CEO;
Momi Biton, Production Manager; Anshad Nahas, Biotechnology R&D Engineer; Shlomi Abekasis- CFO