My promise is to bring you a deliciously refreshing wine grape infused water born of an equally refreshing approach to sustainability.

If that promise appeals to you then you seek beverage brands that taste delicious but that also have a soul. That’s why I’m excited to welcome you to alcohol free O.Vine Wine Essence Water, a uniquely refreshing wine grape infused water born of a commitment to sustainability, well being and a healthy lifestyle.

Created at Galil Mountain Winery, the patent pending O.Vine production process captures the taste, aroma, color and antioxidants hidden inside used wine grape skins and seeds that were formerly designated “wine waste.” The result is a beverage unlike any other on the market; one that tastes great and that you can feel great about. I hope that after you’ve tasted O.Vine you’ll agree, and that you’ll make O.Vine a part of your lifestyle.

Anat Levi, CEO, Wine Water Ltd.